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Just like most essays, your Toulmin model essay thesis statement must be done in the following way: Carefully examine the topic and determine your stance on the issue. When you have your point of view, craft a statement that outlines your viewpoint in a clear, specific and detailed way. Mar 23,  · 4. Think of at least 3 reasons why your reader should believe your thesis. Those reasons will be the main body part of your essay. 5. Think of examples or evidence which supports each of those reasons. That is what you will use to support those three reasons. 6. Reviews: Feb 04,  · Toulmin Argument Essays (Examples) Specific Supports: Chang uses a few statistics as specific support such as by stating that "half of all Asian-Americans intermarry," and that Asian-Americans have the highest median income of all ethnic groups in the United States including Caucasians (p. 3).

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Toulmin Argument an Argument for. Backing Many organizations have suggested that humans' actions toulmin essay examples significantly reduce environmental problems. According to the orld ide Fund for Nature, even small lifestyle changes can significantly impact the environment. Some of the small lifestyle changes that the Fund recommends include saving water, recycling, and turning off electrical equipment when it is not being used "How You Can Help the Environment".

Because humans cause some of the environmental problems by refusing to take these precautions and because taking precautions like these can help solve environmental problems, Christians have responsibility to act. Bohlin calls that duty sacred, and suggests that Christians are commanded to take care of the "earth and its creatures.

He argues that God gave man "dominion over the earth," which means that while humans' needs are more important than…… [Read More]. Toulmin Argument Claim For Minorities, toulmin essay examples. Specific Supports: Chang uses a few statistics as specific support such as by stating that "half of all Asian-Americans intermarry," and toulmin essay examples Asian-Americans have the highest median income of all ethnic groups in the United States including Caucasians p.

Supports are both factual and opinionated. First, race exists. Chang claims that American culture is race-conscious even if race does not exist scientifically. Most Americans are conscious of their race or ethnic identity and use that to create in-group relationships and to define themselves.

The extent to which Americans are race-conscious may be far greater than in other societies because of the unique immigrant experience in America. Third, American society assumes a dichotomy between assimilation and ethnocentrism, toulmin essay examples. Finally, many Americans may assume that Asians are a "model minority. Toulmin-Based Argument in Support of Pet Adoptions From Shelters More people who want pets should adopt them from shelters because many unwanted animals are being destroyed each year in favor of purebred species obtained from other sources which provide their operators with a profit.

The worth of the lives of these otherwise-doomed animals, though, far outweighs the individual pet-owning preferences of owners and no animal should be destroyed in favor of one that is bred for sale. Certainly, as discussed further below, this does not mean that individual pet-owners do not have a right to choose what type of animal they want for their families, but it does mean that more emphasis needs to be placed on pet adoptions from shelters to save as many animals from destruction as possible.

In fact, toulmin essay examples, some American communities have gone so far as to adopt a "no kill" policy in their pet shelters…… [Read More]. American Families. Toulmin Argument on American Families Up to 30 years ago, divorces were difficult to obtain and were very rare in American society. However, inthe advent of no-fault divorce laws caused a spike in divorce rates.

Qualifier follows- This paper argues that if the United States wants to preserve the traditional ideals of the American family, claim follows -- the no fault divorce laws must be repealed. Support 1 follows -- The no-fault divorce laws have caused an alarming spike in the divorce rate. In a statistical study, researchers found an estimated. The s saw a "divorce boom," when the divorce rate more than doubled.

In fact, the divorce rates in the states that have adopted no fault divorce laws were much lower than their no-fault counterparts Nakonezny, Shull, and Rodgers.

The ease of…… [Read More]. Toulmin Model and Sherlock Holmes The Toulmin Model of argumentation asserts that a good argument consists of six parts which intend to develop a practical argument. The first element is the "claim," or the conclusion that the argument must establish. The next part is the "data," or the facts and evidence collected and used to confirm the argument. In order to support the data, general, hypothetical, or logical statements are used, these are called "warrants.

In order to support the warrants made during the argument, sometimes "backing statements" are used to add credence to the statements made during toulmin essay examples argument. These backing statements may not directly support the claim, but should always support the supporting warrants. Finally, since there are…… [Read More]. On the other hand, Wilsonians doctrine states that the promotion of international law involves using the World Court and United Nations for the promotion of permanent international peace.

Kettl, points out that the Wilsonian and Hamiltonian traditions frame the classical approach of American public administration, which practitioners develop towards the end of the 20th century. Kettl, connects the Wilsonian and Hamiltonian traditions by combining the strong administration with classical approach. Hamiltonian tradition focuses on executive leadership principles using the top-down authority to enhance control and efficiency.

However, Wilsonian tradition argues that managers can apply their functions within the scope of American constitutions to enhance efficiency. Praise of Cussing Argument Analysis. He then goes on to give examples and states that almost all of the great executives he has worked with throughout his business career used swear words. Lochhead also mentioned that a study conducted in found that teamwork can be inspired through swearing.

He illustrates these findings by sharing a personal story. Instead, his evidence shows that the use of swear words can have an energizing and positive effect on the people who are being addressed and can portray a sense of power and control for the people who are swearing.

Lochhead uses a number of words which may be seen…… [Read More]. Environment Instructions. Toulmin Model Argument About the Environment God has obviously put the human beings in a status of having full responsibility over the establishment. In bible in the section called Genesis mentions "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. In Deuteronomy it says "A land that the Lord your God cares for.

The eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, toulmin essay examples. Active in 15 countries, "Target Earth" is a group of individuals, churches, college fellowship and various ministries that are Christian protectors for everything that God created.

The group feeds the hungry, saves endangered animals, rebuilds forests, and serves as active voice for environmental concerns. The groups mission is "erving the Earth, erving the Poor," which defines their connection of Christianity to environmentalism as they see it Target Earth.

The news media is full of warnings that deal with environmental issues of one kind or the other be it global warming, endangered species, extinction of the rain forest, pollution, nuclear accidents, and so forth. The Christian community seems to apply less attention to these issues than they do to others, toulmin essay examples. It may be because we…… [Read More], toulmin essay examples.

Health Care in the United States Has. Although the publicity surrounding the issue has been considerable and made to look like toulmin essay examples is a recent problem facing the nation, the problem, in toulmin essay examples, has been on the horizon for nearly a century.

During President Woodrow Wilson's administration, efforts were unsuccessfully made to pass national legislation regarding the delivery of health care in the United States and the issue has appeared periodically on the national agenda ever since Lepore, Finally, on March 23,among massive controversy, toulmin essay examples, the Affordable Care Act, through the massive efforts of the Obama administration, became law.

Despite the passing of the Affordable Care Act, health care in the United States remains dismal for a toulmin essay examples percentage of American citizens. Although there were a number of significant provisions in the Act that took effect nearly…… [Read More]. Proposition of Value -- Policy. However, a consideration of each element of that argument reveals that it is a flawed position.

The most effective way of preventing minors from obtaining marijuana would be for government authorities to regulate and control its lawful distribution.

There may be now way to ever guarantee that minors will not obtain marijuana, but that problem would be comparable to the current problem of minors obtaining alcohol and cigarettes. Given the choices, it would be preferable for government authorities to do their best to control unauthorized purchases the way the government regulates alcohol and tobacco instead of allowing illegal drug dealers to determine who purchases their products, toulmin essay examples.

The characterization of marijuana as a "gateway" drug is biased because it assumes that neither alcohol nor tobacco is a "drug" Dershowitz, toulmin essay examples, In fact, there is no rational basis for excluding alcohol or tobacco in that regard, particularly because, statistically, both are "gateway"…… [Read More].

The research arguable issue yield a words. All work local USA global. The economic burden of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has been discovered relatively recently, meaning as such that progress has yet to be made in terms of treatment and management. Additionally, toulmin essay examples, research is also yet to be exhaustive, as numerous aspects of the affection remain uncharted. One important aspect of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is represented by the economic cost of the affection, toulmin essay examples, revealed at multiple levels, such as the cost for the healthcare system, as well as the costs for the family.

The current project assesses this issue through the lenses of the research that has already been conducted on the topic, in an effort to centralize and conclude upon the matter. The means in which this endeavor would be addressed is that of the Toulmin Method. Communication Toulmin essay examples Delivers a Weak-Form. A stronger argument would have galvanized one or both of these groups.

The group should have been identified and an argument developed around some sort of common trait among the group members, toulmin essay examples. One of the most glaring weak points of this argument is the lack of conflict. The author fails to convey a sense of outrage about the status quo that he feels needs to be changed.

There are no entrenched interests that must toulmin essay examples dislodged. Without this sense of conflict, no solution either disruptive or constructive can be proposed. This perhaps is why the solution proposed at the article's closing is so uselessly vague -- there is no conflict to be resolved so no particular need for a strong resolution to be called for.

Instead, this argument is effectively egocentric. The author apparently wants something changed, but does not take the time to inform the audience about the toulmin essay examples [Read More]. The topic I have chosen to discuss is the legalization of prostitution in the United Toulmin essay examples of America. Presently, 49 states out of 50 in the United States have banned prostitution withonly some forms of it allowed in a few areas of Nevada. This is not the case in all developed countries.

Some places in Europe such as Holland, toulmin essay examples, have legalized itand are regulating it through relevant legislature toulmin essay examples the government.

My main stance on the topic is that these countries are not worse off than the U. In terms of the expected negative societal effects of prostitution such as human trafficking, rape toulmin essay examples. In fact on a closer introspection it may be that this ban is causing more harm to the community rather than benefits.

For example, the number of…… [Read More]. Mass Transit Transportation Is Important, toulmin essay examples. In short, providing transit using the current paradigms and strategies is unsustainble. Transit's success depends on the ability of planners to make the lives of travelers toulmin essay examples off by making it harder to get around, restricting housing choice and type, and subjecting people to all manner of externalities and lifestyles they routinely choose to avoid in the current housing market place e.


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toulmin essay examples


The Toulmin Model of Argument Essay Sample. (This speech/essay will appeal to people’s sense of the value of gun ownership. It will probably appeal to authorities, such as the Constitution, to history, and to long-held customs.) Claim of Policy: The sale of assault weapons in . Jun 24,  · A Toulmin analysis essay focuses on building arguments that follow a logical pattern to help students develop complete ideas and validate a hypothesis. You can use it for a comparison essay or even follow a model from our argumentative essay service to use as a reference for your own papers. Feb 04,  · Toulmin Argument Essays (Examples) Specific Supports: Chang uses a few statistics as specific support such as by stating that "half of all Asian-Americans intermarry," and that Asian-Americans have the highest median income of all ethnic groups in the United States including Caucasians (p. 3).